Table of Contents

An Examination of the True Legal Relationship
between Taiwan and the USA



Ch. 1  Basic Facts Concerning Taiwan’s International Legal Position

Ch. 2   Discovering Taiwan’s International Legal Position under the SFPT

Ch. 3   Three Territorial Cessions

Ch. 4  Additional Details and Summaries Regarding the Territorial Cession Examples

Ch. 5  Definitions of Important Terminology and Concepts Related to Territorial Cessions

Ch. 6  Customary Law and the ROC on Taiwan

Ch. 7  Cairo and Potsdam Declarations

Ch. 8  The Japanese Act of Surrender

Ch. 9  The Territorial Cession of Taiwan

Ch. 10  Collected Essays on the True Legal Relationship between Taiwan and the USA

⊕  Taiwan’s International Legal Position: A Defining Moment?

⊕  Contradictions in the US Taiwan policy

⊕  Understanding Taiwanese and US Relations

⊕  What was Taiwan’s legal status after WWII?

⊕  Declaration of the Taiwan Status

⊕  The Status Quo in the Taiwan Strait as defined by the US Constitution

Ch. 11 A Correct Determination Regarding the Nationality and Allegiance of Native Taiwanese People

Ch. 12  Fiduciary Relationships: Sovereignty Held in Trust

Ch. 13  Chart : Examination of Taiwan’s Territorial Sovereignty and the ROC’s International Legal Position

Ch. 14  Recommendations to the US Executive Branch and US Congress

Ch. 15  Background Studies Needed for Comprehension of the Taiwan Status Issue

Ch. 16  Ma looks to his father and betrays the Chiangs

Ch. 17  The True Relationship between Taiwan and the USA  (Internet Links)