Chapter 17 – The True Relationship between Taiwan and the USA (Internet Links)

Internet Links


1. Modern Taiwanese History

2(a). Name Rectification for Taiwan: New Perspectives

2(b). POWERPOINT Name Rectification for Taiwan: New Perspectives

3(a). Historical Development of the Legal Status of the ROC on Taiwan

3(b). POWERPOINT Historical Development of the Legal Status of the ROC on Taiwan

4. The Successor Government Theory and the One China Policy

5. ABCD Chart of Territorial Cession

6. Notes on the Legal Status of Taiwan Territory
        — with particular reference to the maneuverings of Mr. Henry Kissinger

7. Military Jurisdiction and the Taiwan status question

8. US Relations: Does Taiwan Meet the Criteria to Qualify as an “Overseas Territory of the United States”?

9. Name Rectification in Insular Areas of the United States

10. The Disposition of Taiwan under the San Francisco Peace Treaty

11. Territorial Cession after War and the End of Military Government

12. The Republic of China on Taiwan

13. Is Taiwan a Sovereign and Independent Nation under the terms of the Taiwan Relations Act?

14. Taiwan’s Identity Crisis and the Customary Laws of Warfare

15. Legal Government Authority over Taiwan, and the Allegiance & Nationality of Native Taiwanese Persons

16. Three Insular Cases and the Taiwan Status

17. Our inquiry to the US government — What are you doing?

18. Who Owns Taiwan: A Dissection of International Title

19. POWERPOINT A Brief Introduction to Taiwan’s International Legal Position

20. POWERPOINT Existing United States Policy regarding the Taiwan Status Question

21. POWERPOINT Which Country is Holding Taiwan’s Sovereignty?

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