There was no transfer of the sovereignty of Taiwan to China in 1945.

Oral Answer: Sir Anthony Eden
Date: February 7, 1955
Subject: Cairo and Potsdam Declarations

Sir Anthony Eden The policy of Her Majesty's Government with regard to the Cairo Declaration was fully explained to the House by my right hon. Friend the Prime Minister on 1st February. . . . . The Potsdam Declaration laid down as conditions for the Japanese that they should carry out the terms of the Cairo Declaration. Japan complied by formally renouncing all title to Formosa in the Japanese Peace Treaty.

. . . . .

Mr. Paget Is not the truth of the situation that the Cairo Declaration was, in fact, performed in 1945? The Cairo Declaration was that Formosa was Chinese territory, and the Potsdam Declaration and the Japanese surrender terms say that that Declaration should be performed. It was performed by handing over to the then Chinese Government, and, from 1945 onwards, it has been part of China?

Sir A. Eden I am afraid that is not so. The position in law is that an armistice or the cessation of fighting does not affect sovereignty. There has not been a transfer of sovereignty because, at San Francisco, although there was a desire to agree about China, there was a difference of opinion as to which Chinese authority it should be handed over.

[ source: HANSARD 1803 - 2005 / Commons Sitting, 7 February 1955   vol 536   cc1530-2 ]

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