Unilateral declarations by Chinese government officials could not affect the legal status of Formosa.

Written Answer: Joint Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (Mr. R. H. Turton)
Date: February 9, 1955
Subject: Formosa and the Pescadores

Mr. A. Henderson asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether he will state the extent to which recognition has been given by the Allied Powers to the formal proclamation of the Chinese Government at Chunking on 30th August, 1945, that Formosa was a new province of China.

Mr. Turton I have been unable to trace any such proclamation. Unilateral declarations could not affect the legal status of Formosa, which my right hon. Friend explained fully in his reply to a question by the right hon. Member for Easington (Mr. Shinwell) on 4th February.

[ source: HANSARD 1803 - 2005 / Written Answers (Commons), 9 February 1955   vol 536   cc215-6W ]

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