In October 1949, the U.S. Consul in Taipei passed along suggestions from representatives of the native Taiwanese people to the Secretary of State advocating that the United States send an army and impose direct military occupation over Taiwan.

Telegram: from the Consul at Taipei (Edgar) to the Secretary of State
Date: Oct. 21, 1949, Taipei
Subject: Military Occupation of Taiwan by the United States

The following is a translation from the Japanese of a letter received at this office:

Dear Mr. Consul General,
    . . . In the past four years, the people of Taiwan have suffered immensely both in spirit and material under the incompetent, despotic and feudalistic control of the corrupt Chinese Government.
    . . . We, the people of Taiwan, can no longer tolerate the rule by incompetent Chinese irrespective of their being communists or not.
    It is the desire and wish of the seven million islanders that you will transmit to the U.S. Government our wishes to the latter to immediately dispatch an army to occupy and protect Taiwan, to expel the cruel Chinese troops and restore us to hope."

    From a representative of the Taiwanese people.

It is believed that the above does, in fact, represent the desires of a great majority of the Taiwanese.

[ source: United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1949. The Far East: China   Volume IX (1949), page 399 ]

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